With such low inventory and sales being tougher than ever  it's easy to doubt whether you are at the right place. The market is changing, rates are rising.  These components don't make the work we do "easier". 

Yet many are thriving, growing, increasing their reach and their goals, breaking their personal records and creating legacy careers. Wondering how they are doing it? The secret is probably in their environment, their systems and their education.

For some agents the best possible thing they can do for themselves, their families and their business is make a move to someplace more engaged in their growth. For others the answer may be that they need to focus more on what they do & when they do it. Their hurdles may be completely their own and a move won't change them.

Before you go out seeking greener grass ask yourself a few questions....

  • Is your broker/manager/team leader your biggest fan? Do you feel respected, appreciated and valued ? If not what could they do differently? Will they do it? 

  • If you called in need of guidance would they answer? Would they know what to do and how to help you understand your options? Do you get the feeling the "top producer" gets all the attention and the rest of the office has to fend for themselves or are your needs met? 

  • What do you hope to receive that you aren't now? Is it more education, smarter strategies, better techniques, systems, guidance? Can you get that on your own and is it worth it for you to spend the time and money to do so? Is there another brokerage that offers more support, education, guidance, lead generation?  

  • Do they have the personal sale experience to get you across your next plateau? Will they work with you one on one to solidify your skills to get there? Do they know how to help you turn one sale into 3, find off market properties for your hard to please buyers, help you educate your clients about what to expect from the market and earn their respect at the same time?

  • What did the average agent in your office achieve during the last year? Does that number excite you? Scare you? Impress you ? Leave you feeling like you should be doing more? Everyone knows if you are the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room right? What if the room is filled with people who have the same passion, drive and motivation that you do? Then the room doesn't feel so small does it? Then there's synergy and momentum.

  • Is the person you are depending on for "training" more educated than your competition? Are they ahead of the trends, learning the newest systems, the most modern techniques, testing the early release tech that will make your life easier?  Are they connected to the industry leaders in a way that enhances their ability to help you build your business?

  • Is your company introducing you to new, serious clients every week? If not why not. Ask yourself where the leads are going, who are they going to and is it fair? If the answer is no then you need to ask why and what can be done about it. 

Before moving to a new brokerage you need to be clear as can be on what is causing you to feel like a move is necessary. Talk to your broker, see what can be done to make you more comfortable. Ask yourself if it's the broker or if it's something you can work on to create the career you know you deserve. 

If you are an agent anywhere in the United States and need a recommendation to an amazing broker in your area reach out to me. I probably know the person you should get to know.

If you are an agent in Massachusetts/New Hampshire or Maine and you are considering a move don't jump ship until we meet.

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