In our home Snow + Kids = Sledding….

My sons adore sledding even at their ancient old ages of 15 & 21. You would easily find us at Chadwick park in North Andover, Andover high or Winnekini when they were younger. Now we do New England sports park since they are far taller than I am and are thrill seekers.

This year we are going to be venturing out to some new spots that you may want to visit as well. Please remember to use caution, wear a helmet when sledding and obey laws. 

Information from the Trustees of Reservation website:
Ward Reservation 

The Crane Estate, Ipswich
The undulating, half-mile long Grand Allée provides some nice, family friendly sledding terrain, especially the farther east you walk from the Great House.

Stavros Reservation, Essex
Climb Whites Hill and take a breather to enjoy some terrific views of the Essex Marsh and Castle Hill. Then shove off for a slick ride back down.

Here are some things to consider : Use caution, avoid private property and kids should always wear a helmet! Please use your discretion and stay safe.

Do you have some to add to the list? Let me know today! 

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