I'm often called the luckiest real estate agent around. I've been told quite often that I make real estate sales look easy. I'll openly admit I don't usually discuss what goes on behind the scenes while orchestrating a winning sale. The perception that my clients seek me out because of my Buddha couldn't be any further from the truth. It's not magic, miracles or luck allowing me to succeed at a high level. It's determination, grit and a great desire to create a strong foundation for my sons and 3 pups. Together, my clients and I have earned every featured story, magazine credit, record breaking sale and 5 Star Review. 

I recognize when to listen, when to take command and at what level of enthusiasm to use. These unique skills bring my clients higher sale prices, faster and more stabile transactions and my buyers far more attractive purchases. I am definitely lucky, I am lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the nicest and kind hearted sellers and buyers locally. 

My track record of history of success has been featured in national & local media attracting eyes from across the globe.

When you select me to represent you you get much more than one real estate agent could reasonably provide. My entire highly trained group works on your behalf, without adding cost or expense to you. While my beloved staff manages the behind the scenes details I am able to focus on the components that impact your sale experience and sale price in a meaningful way. I'll be here when you need me.

Why choose me? 

There are distinct differences that set me apart. Having invested 25,000 + hours earning my expertise in marketing, pricing and client care I am able to identify patterns of opportunity as well as  avoid potential issues before they arise. When I price a house it's based on real data, not guess work. When I suggest improvements they add real value or eliminate a potential sale destroying hurdle. I won't waste your time or money.

  •  I am a true professional real estate expert. This isn't a hobby. I leap out of bed excited to meditate, grab coffee and see what new opportunities have been presented to me. I prove I am the agent who will truly bring you the most value to your transaction. My earned experience allows me to guide you in the smartest direction. You'll feel confident and comfortable at all times knowing we are partners.

  • I have a proven track record of success. Since 2007, I study the market daily. I know who's selling, I usually know why. I have a unique ability to accurately assess what property will trade for. In fact my average sale price is 101.4% of our asking price.  Depending on which side of the transaction I am on I use this knowledge to tug at the heart strings maximizing value, drive in many offers or analytically educate why the property value is lower and help my buyer earn equity on closing day. 

  • I have help, knowledgeable, talented help.I surround myself with the highest level of experts in my field. My operations manager, marketing geniuses, listing and buyer specialists, stagers, videographers, photographers, house cleaners. When you select me you get access to all. My support staff is called upon to train and mentor others. What we do works, really well.

  • Failure is simply not an option. My reputation is my greatest asset. I create life long friendships and raving fans because I provide an experience that others simply don't. If I deliver less than I promise I wont be in business for long. Since 2007 I have helped managed 500+ home sales successfully including condos, single families, mansions, multi families & investments. My family including 3 adorable dogs & 2 college tuition aged sons rely on me to provide you with extraordinary service.

Selling a property

My marketing geniuses have been recognized as industry leaders, years ahead of their time with systems and strategies that attract, engage, enhance excitement, reengage and remind potential buyers what makes your home so special.  In fact they themselves have earned national recognition for the quality of their work. 

Your home no matter the size, no matter the price deserves magazine quality photos, staging guidance, maybe even a movie quality video? See samples of my marketing and recognize a well presented home will always sell for more. I do more so you earn more on closing day. 

When I approach a new property I learn all there is to know about it, the location, the construction, the updates and the true value. I determine who the most likely buyer is that will see the value in the highest position. My team and I create a visually stunning, engaging portfolio that will attract eyes from across the globe. I can reach as many as 100,000 people in just a few days with your home's marketing. This number far exceeds the "typical" traffic a real estate listing will receive. We engage, we educate, we reengage, we enhance their interest in your property. We showcase the community itself as well as the lifestyle the area provides. We create the demand that brings them to your doorstep. 

We think of what we do as a targeted magnet set on locating the most qualified, most sincere buyers and then once we have them we help them fall in love with what your home alone can provide.  

While the industry trains people to add a house to MLS to be manually sent out in the most boring way possible. We tell the story of my experience with your property. From the first message showing the world that we are planning something quite special, to the initial methodical posts that show a sneak peak at the property at the planning, to the behind the scenes look at the staging and imagery creation, to the coming soon launch. By this point we have neighbors talking, buyers asking questions, agents planning to preview the home and prepping their buyers for the "drive by". 

Once we have the most impactful presentation possible we launch the actual marketing. 

After years of experience tweaking, re tweaking and testing what works I have learned the best timing, the right processes and how to approach the marketing of different types of properties to minimize the unnecessary traffic and maximize the serious buyer visits. Often it's possible to set two planned two hour windows and then set an offer review time. No last minute showings, no unexpected visitors, no worrying whether to make your beds or have the cleaning crew in. 

My strategies provide property sellers with easy sale processes that sound too good to be true but really are. It may look like I'm floating from property to property snapping photos and socializing. Behind the scenes there is a marketing plan, a strategic direction and marketing team working to turn these candids into a multiple offer situation where you have the luxury of choosing your buyer.

Buying a home

Do you want an automated drip of listings once a day, potentially 23 hours too late ? Or would you prefer a market expert, viewing, reviewing and hunting down options for you, pointing out what is too high, what's too low, strategizing ways to get repairs done, additions added, upgrades and closing cost credits?  Recognizing who "needs" to sell and helping you know when to walk away from a home that is simply a bad investment is part of what I do that is so beneficial to my clients depending on me for guidance when buying. 

I have eyes and ears everywhere. When someone hires an estate sale expert or an antique dealer to price their belongings for sale, a junk out crew when they inherit an estate, a contractor to replace a roof prior to sale or a financial advisor to discuss how to manage the money from the sale I may get a call telling me about a house that's becoming available. Often my name is shared as the expert to depend on to help them find the most suitable buyer. My relationships create opportunities for me to provide my client's with the insider, early knowledge about upcoming listings.

Anyone can show you what's on the market, it takes a well connected and well respected professional to work out an off market sale that provides you with a big win. 

Buying & Selling at the same time? 

I have mastered the strategies that allow you to do so and be protected on both the buying and selling side of the transaction. Tell me your goals and I'll create a strategic plan to get you there. Very often I can coordinate all of the sales to take place in the same day minimizing the headaches on your part. Call me at 978 457 3406 and schedule a meeting so that I can help you better understand the intricacies of this type of move. 

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 What it's like to work with Me

What happens now? 

Click here and schedule a time for us to discuss your options.

For Buyers we will casually talk about the cities and towns that make sense based on your lifestyle, your goal lifestyle, your commute and your needs. I can help you identify the right loan officer for you or learn about how to safely purchase a home with cash . Ill make suggestions, share ideas and help guide you toward the perfect place. Once we find it I'll help you approach the seller with the most attractive offer that still gives you a winning scenario. 

For Sellers I'll start to research your home, your neighborhood, your neighbors and the market trends affecting your sale price. When we meet to view your home you'll feel completely comfortable because it will be crystal clear that I am here to help you. Don't clean, don't organize, don't go out of your way to do anything differently than you typically do before I come in. We will discuss your personal goals, your property and how we can maximize the value, whether selling AS IS is a better idea and what the right time of year for your type of home is. Then we will hone in on an exact value in today's market and make some projections to review on what could happen to the value as we move further into the year. 

For Sellers who are buying we will talk about what homes will provide you with the best chance at getting a home sale contingency accepted, whether or not you need one. Maybe you need a home sale and a suitable housing contingency? I can handle it. I've done it many times before and I know what works.