Selling in the Fall? Let Heidi Klum be your muse to maximize your sale price and create bidding wars with 5 weekends of easy work.

Heidi is obviously naturally beautiful. After she's been through hair & makeup, her stylist ads jewelry and wardrobe, then she is clearly a super model. The same way a model enhances her looks small enhancements can drastically change the level of appeal your home has. Think of fresh paint and new lighting like hair and makeup on a supermodel.

Fall buyers aren't the fixxer upper phase spring buyer or the backyard focussed summer house hunters with the "I have to buy a house so my kids can get registered for school" mentality. The late summer/ fall buyer is thinking holidays, entertaining and easy maintenance going into a New England winter.

Remember, bidding wars are inspired at the first drive by. Your curb appeal can make or break your sale. The majority of the homes I market sell in just a few days , most with multiple offers in up markets and in down because I know how to elevate buyer interest. Use my 5 tips below to be sure your home gets the attention it deserves in the crowded fall inventory. See real examples from smart sellers who use my tips and the extraordinary results they receive here See my recent sales history

Here are 5 EASY ways to maximize your sale price!

Weekend 1. Let mother nature do her job. Take a trip to your local garden center and get some dark mulch and fresh flowers that compliment your exterior colors. You'll want to photograph the green grass and natural sunlight of the summer to show off your curb appeal later in the season. I learned a long time ago that high quality summer photos coupled with fall photos make buyers feel at ease and attract added attention from the buyer pool. One of the ways I help my fall sellers to prep is by having my photographer do exterior photos as early as possible to add to our portfolio.

I have the home below under agreement currently . The buyers fell in love with based on this photo. The natural colors of summer are far more appealing than the fall grass tones will be. Preparing early will help you achieve a higher sale price later.

Weekend 2. Create a swoon worthy entry and become the talk of the town. This fall we will have more inventory than we do today and you'll want to win the hearts of the buyers when they do their first drive by. You want to be the traffic stopping house that make your neighbors wonder what's going on. Spend a little money refreshing your door with paint, hardware, welcome mat and decor and you are sure to increase buyer interest. Stop into Target, Homegoods , Marshalls or any local home decor store and look for unique planters. that will give your home a distinctive feeling. Many fall sellers started out as spring sellers who priced their homes too high. They are no longer sweeping their doorstep before every showing and the lawn mowings are less frequent. Make your house immediately stand out with a gorgeous front door area.

Weekend 3. Buyers don't mind messy drawers and other lies we tell ourselves…

Cluttered, unorganized drawers may not seem like a big deal , after all the "stuff" goes with you when you move right? Unfortunately this is about as wrong as wrong can be. Buyers judge your home by what they see whether they consciously recognize it or not. Rarely do buyers truly have the vision to see past your belongings that they think they do.

Take your drawers from the space that causes buyers to cringe to this below that helps them believe your floors are never dusty, your counters always clear and your utensils always organized..

Agents and house hunters agree that messy spaces are deal breakers. When buyers view homes they try to gauge how you have lived there by looking into closets, drawers and cabinets.

Take a few hours and start with the places that have the most impact like the kitchen and Master bedroom. In the kitchen everything counts , counters, closets & drawers. Wipe them down, vacuum the dust, add drawer liners or even touch up paint if really needed. People want to believe your kitchen is spotless at all times.

Bedroom closets are a make or break space for many. Empty as much as you can, organize anything possible and keep in mind eliminating unnecessary items is a huge plus. Don't be the seller that believes buyers will overlook their boxes and shoe collection. Showing off how much well organized space you have is a positive. Showing a pile of shoes crammed into a corner detracts from their feeling of the home overall and could be the reason they rule out your house.

Weekend 4. Basements are a scary place - some buyers won't look in them and others go there first.

Call your local junk removal company and have them take all of the things away that you have no intention of keeping. I like 1800gotjunk for removal, donate anything of value and be sure to remove boxes that block the utilities like electrical panel and hot water tank. Once everything you don't need is gone wipe down your heating system and sweep or vacuum the floors. Remember you aren't going to be able to hide anything from the home inspector but you can make the basement a little less frightening. If you have an old new england basement a coat of white paint goes a long way making it feel clean and not so frightening.

After hundreds and hundreds of inspections I can tell you for certain sales die in the basement. Inspectors shed light on issues that buyers and agents didn't recognize pre offer. If the overall condition of the home is believed to be well cared for it may save you from losing a sale. Save yourself many headaches and clean the basement before you hit the market!

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Weekend 5. It's all about the lighting!

A new chandelier in a dining room or pendants in your kitchen can take a space from feeling old and outdated to modern. Think of your lighting as your jewelry and remember everyone loves a little glamour and glitz. You don't need to overspend to make a bold statement. Check out some non local options to be sure you aren't installing the same fixture as everyone else. Try Joss & Main , Wayfair or the lighting outlet for ideas.

Bonus tip : Make sure you are studying your neighborhood - When you see the curb covered in boxes, garbage and furniture it's time to call me and get onto the market before your neighbor sets the pricing tone for your street. Don't let them dictate your value. Get ahead of the competition and avoid the pricing issues that come from having multiple homes on the street for sale at once.

In my opinion the fall market will be busier than the 2015 spring market. If you plan ahead and prepare your home you should achieve a timely top dollar sale that allows you to sell on your terms with the most comfortable timing possible. Meeting early will allow me to help you gather the right information, set the best price , schedule staging, photos, video and floor plans for our marketing strategy that makes your home the talk of the town!

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