Smart sellers will pay attention to these spring tips for selling in the Andovers after this unusually harsh winter. Whether you are preparing your home to hit the market or are already on the market, this advice applies to you!

Ice Dam Damage

One of the number one things home buyers are going to be checking for in homes on the market this spring are stains on your ceilings from this winter's ice dams fiasco. Everyone has them, no one knows how to get rid of them and here are some tips on what to do before you list your house.

Be honest about the fact that you experienced ice dams as there will most likely be visible damage found by buyers and their inspector. The best key is to explain when they happened, why it was such an issue for so many homeowners locally, and what you did to repair the area. You are going to want to check to make sure the moisture is gone. Home inspectors typically do have moisture meters to touch the ceiling. So this is important!

Wet Basements

Right now, with our chaotic New England warm weather combined with the amount of snow we have to melt this spring, basements that are typically dry will not be. A little preparation now will save you time and money later. You want to make sure you have everything off the basement floor before the weather warms up, especially if you are the least bit concerned about your basement being wet. If you find a wet basement clean the entire area immediately and then reclean once dry. You don't want to be the home owner with wet walls, water stained and damaged belongings and a mess for the next owner to address. It's New England, wet basements are the norm. It's how you handle them that make or break a sale.

If you get water, it is not the end of the world. Clean it as best you can, take a picture of it pre cleaning and disclose it. Again the home inspectors will definitely find it and when you are the home owner that has been upfront and honest no one is going to doubt your integrity or doubt that you are being forthcoming. Don't be the homeowner that tries to hide a previous water entry issue. When a sellers statement shows no issues with water and there is obvious water staining buyers doubt everything else that you have shared with them and it causes concern.

Windows & Doors

A lot of times, snow will drift and come up over windows and doors. When this happens window or door frames can leak causing additional damage. You want to make sure those areas are cleared of snow and then touched up. It is a simple repair to reapply caulk to resealed the areas properly and ensure there is no active water leaking in when your buyers visit.

I was recently at a home inspection where water started to pour in through window sills from ice on siding. This couldn't be prevented easily but how the home owner dealt with it saved the day. They made it clear it would be remedied quickly and appropriately and offered the home buyers a chance to review all information about the work. The buyers left feeling confident that they knew what to expect and all went smoothly.

If you have home repair issues we didn't discuss that you feel like you would like to speak about privately, I am quite sure I would have tips on what we can do to prevent them from being an issue for you. Make sure you call me first, so I can give you the best advice possible on how to maximize your home's value in this spring market. 978.475.3406