Open houses don't sell homes, knowledgeable agents do.

One of the parts of my career that I absolutely love is opening the door to an open house event and helping people learn about the home. They come in with their lattes in hand , notes about the house's zestimate and questions about the neighborhood. The importance of this first introduction can't be overlooked. This is the time when you are able to prove your value or lose your buyer. This is when a well planned home showcase event enhances your sale.

Public opinion is that open houses don't sell homes and I couldn't agree more. Your standard , boring open house won't sell your property. Today I am sharing with you some of the many reasons to put your best foot forward and say yes to the open house event when your agent suggests it. First here is some proof that what I do works. Below you will find my most recent sales directly due to recent open house events.

I can tell you for certain every one of the sales above started with an introduction to the home during an open house event. Some of their offers were written in locked bathrooms or basement corners with buyers in the home.

As a listing agent focussed on selling homes north of Boston & Southern NH I am constantly looking for new ways to make the lives of my seller clients easier.

Some reasons I feel you should consider an open house when selling your property…

1)When your agent is able to produce a well planned open house event you eliminate the need for multiple showings spread out over every day of the week inconveniencing the traditional home owner.

2)If your agent has planned and promoted your event appropriately you will have a huge amount of traffic allowing more people to see the property than would ever schedule a private showing. This is a giant plus due to the fact that many home buyers buy on emotion. Your agent couldn't purchase the amount of advertising that you would need to replicate the emotional attachment that can be created just by a few minutes of a viewing a home with a group.

3)When a buyer is actively watching a property but not ready to act your open house event will prompt them to act sooner rather than later if they are serious. Your agent should be skilled enough to recognize their interest and help them to better understand the value of your property. An open house event will allow them to take their time and focus on the plusses that your agent has provided them with.

4)There are thousands of serious buyers out there in the market today without agents. Many will never reach out to an agent to request a showing because they simply don't feel they need a buyer representative. If you eliminate the ability for unattached buyers to view your home you eliminate an enormous portion of the buyer pool reducing your chances for maximizing your sale price and possibly even preventing your home from selling.

5) In 2014 in my areas north of Boston we have many buyers relocating from across the globe. These buyers may not know that North Andover is next to Andover and also a good opportunity or that just over the border from Methuen is Salem NH and you can get a lot of house for the money. These buyers see open house signs and they see an opportunity to learn about the market. I have seen many unexpected relo buyers show up with questions about a neighborhood only to fall in love with a property that they didn't know was on the market. Don't lose the unexpected passer by buyer. They do exist and they do want to know about your home.

If you are moving north of Boston or in southern NH I encourage you to contact me to discuss your goals and your property. I promise to provide you with honest answers and expert advice about your options.

If you are an agent looking for more tips on how to be successful in real estate make sure we connect I am happy to help anyway I can.

Please note ! Not all agents agree with me on the value of open house events and that's ok. I know many successful agents across the country that won't consider hosting one and they will still sell your property. The choice to utilize this tool is a decision best made by an agent and the homeowner.