Paying more to borrow your apartment than you would to OWN A HOME? Most likely yes AND you shouldn't be!

See the 3 things most people say are holding them back from home ownership & what to do about them.

We all know that there's low inventory right now and that student loans, high costs of living and your craft beer collection is preventing you from saving 5% down. Don't fret!  Did you know that loan programs exist with no money down, 1% down, 3% down or even 1% of your money and you can receive a 2% gift from a mortgage company for down payment assistance? It's true - these programs exist if you know where to look. The first step is to connect with me so I can help you get started with the right lender for your unique situation.

Over the past 8 years I have sold more than 380 homes - that's a lot of first time house buyers and sellers. I have the experience and history to protect your best interests at all times. 

A good lender will tell you exactly how much you can afford monthly conservatively so you don't over extend your budget. An expert real estate agent will listen to your goals, find the best options for you , make suggestions and negotiate perks like closing cost credits or upgrades to save you as much money as possible. That's where I come in. My clients benefit greatly every day from my far reaching marketing and connections. I bring them hidden not yet on the market options as well as first look opportunities at houses that are about to hit Zillow. This can make all the difference in the world. Let's say we find a good house in a great location that you love but it needs cosmetics - my connections with contractors, interior designers and architects will help you just like you see on TV to determine what can be done to make it yours. 

What's holding you back from homeownership?

  1. I don't make enough money to buy a house OR my rent is too high for me to save the money I need. This really means : I don't know how much money I need to earn or to have and I have absolutely no idea what a real estate agent charges OR my rent is really killing me and I don't know how to make it stop. Don't worry - if you have enough in your account to cover first and last month rent you most likely have enough to own property. PLUS there are many buyer programs that cover closing costs and even some that cover down payment assistance. Email me to find out the first steps in the process and see what you quality for. Most Importantly when you are buying you do not pay a real estate agent in most scenarios. 
  2. I am not secure enough to be a home owner.This usually means: I'm not sure what I have to do to get started, how a house works OR I'm not very handy and have no idea what's involved.  Your first home buying adventure is a learning experience.  Often the home viewing process teaches you a lot of the information you need, the home inspection is a time to learn about the specific systems in your house and very regularly the existing owners will walk you through how they maintain the home before the closing. I take extra time to walk you through learning about the systems, the structure and the costs involved so you'll know as much as possible from the beginning. Home owners are more secure than renters and over time have a far greater chance at obtaining wealth. Everyone starts somewhere and there are many resources to learn what's involved and make smart choices that keep your bank account growing instead of your landlords. 
  3. I have no idea where to start -  Fair point! First time buyers rarely do. That's why I am here. I'll help you every step of the way from the moment you decide that home ownership is in your future. I can make suggestions on contractors, home inspectors, attorneys , mortgage companies, mortgage options and help you determine which towns are best for you as well as whether or not a condo, single family or multi family is the best fit.  If you aren't in my area don't worry - As a nationally recognized agent I have real relationships with strong, smart agents across the US and in Europe and some parts of Asia. Don't hire a bad agent! Share your goals with me and I'll help you find a version of me wherever you want to be. 

What towns should I look in & what kind of house do I want? 

Are you dreaming of a cul de sac colonial in North Andover with a new kitchen and a yard that your dogs will love? Are you fantasizing about an organic garden in Haverhill? Worried about school scores and think Andover is where you need to be or maybe Boxford? Do you have kids who love to ride bikes and think the Newburyport trails are a good idea? Maybe you need space for inlaws or a guest space? Do you love the train and want to be near the Wilmington stop? Hate the highway and prefer to walk to work? Are you a people person and want a downtown like Newburyport has to offer or do you love solitude and prefer huge yards like in Boxford or Haverhill ?Are you looking for block parties and built in friendships with neighbors in the Andovers or Merrimack Valley? What about town amenities? Is trash pick up, town water or town sewer important? 

As we spend time together talking I'm learning about your goals and I'm envisioning the house that's right for you or considering whether a condo is a better fit. Let's me create a smart buying strategy to find the best housing at the best price for your goals.  I have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers learn the best steps to moving, I'm confident I have the ability to help you as well no matter how little you know about the process.

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But there aren't even any houses on the market to buy in XYZ town! That may be true BUT that doesn't mean there aren't sellers who want to sell.

At this moment I have a handful of negotiations going on with sellers who aren't publicly on the market to sell to my clients who want to buy. There are win - win scenarios out there if you know where to look. I have non stop ads running to introduce my buyer clients to sellers who are dreaming of moving but for one reason or another don't want to publicly list their home. 

Don't let the lack of inventory stop you from starting the process - My cell is 978 457 3406, too busy to talk? Text me your requirements and I'll get started on your search.

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Here are some examples of how much house you can buy between $400,000 and $500,000 in North Andover, Andover Haverhill, Methuen, Newbury, Newburyport, Merrimac  

Here are some examples of how much house you can buy between $500,000 and $600,000 in North Andover, Andover Haverhill, Methuen, Newbury, Newburyport, Merrimac