How's the market in the Andovers? 

That depends, are you searching or are you considering selling? Check out the statistics below to better understand what's happening right now. Speak to Lisa to get insight into your own unique situation. She will share with you tips, techniques and strategies for finding hidden bargains, using statistics to help you negotiate a better price for yourself and to determine exactly what the real value of a home is in today's market. 

In Andover MA houses for sale are taking longer to sell than we have seen in quite some time.

 As of 12/20/18  it's definitely a Buyer's market. After many months, let's face it years really, Buyer's now have the ability to negotiate price on homes that have been on the market for a bit. Now keep in mind, smart sellers will price with today's market, you'll recognize these homes by the excitement you feel when it pops into your email. Even though it looks too good to be true it may not be. 

In North Andover, it's a Buyer's market as well. In fact we have more inventory than we have had literally in months.

That doesn't mean Seller's can't be the big winners in this type of market. Selling a home today requires your pricing to be strategic, your marketing to be stellar and your presentation to be stunning. It's simply not as easy as it was a few months ago.

In a market like this Home Sale Contingencies are more and more commonly accepted.

Do you have a home to sell before you buy? Click link below to see some of Lisa's smartest tips that she has used to guide hundreds of clients to their next home.

Selling & Buying at the same time  

Prices Up, Rates Up BUT that's not the whole story.

Andover MA Market Stats 12/20/2018

Prices are up, Mortgage rates are up, the amount of time it takes for homes to sell is down year over year but it's up month over month. Sounds strange right? You aren't alone if you are confused, many home owners are having a hard time understanding what to do and when to do it. Many of the buyers are even more confused. Please believe me when I tell you, there are many positives to a market like this for both Sellers and Buyers. 

Read on to better understand where we are today in town.

Currently we have 62 houses on the market at the time of creation, that's 19 more than we had at this time last year. That is a huge increase. We have been watching the trends closely since Summer 2017 and noticing inventory jump consistently. Around May 2018 the inventory jumped even more. Today the average time it takes a home to sell is 133, that amount is down from last years 224 but it's increasing steadily. As the house hunters have more homes to choose from they take longer to select a home. 

We have had 363 Buyers submit offers on homes that the Sellers were willing to accept. This time last year we had 401 homes that received acceptable offers and went pending. This is important to know because we have had 484 homes hit the market this year, 14 more than last year but fewer sold. The amount of homes that actually sold = 347 drastically down from 375. 

Buyers are tired. They fought for so long to get into open houses with so many people that it was impossible for them to "see" themselves in the home. They wrote offers that were ignored, rejected or overbid by huge amounts leaving them fatigued, disappointed and no longer feeling the pressure to become home owners. 

The important thing to know for Buyers today is that there are smart buys if you know where to look.

The key take away for Sellers is that Buyers know what to look for to tell if a home is priced right, by utilizing the most recent, most accurate information we have the ability to attract buyers, engage them confidently and with stellar marketing we can enhance their interest to be sure you earn the highest prices possible. 

Ask a local who the nicest, Real Estate expert is, they'll tell you to call Lisa.

Lisa  is called on by national and local news outlets like HGTV, Forbes, USA Today, News Center 5, the Boston Globe and many others to share her expertise on client care, pricing, marketing and negotiation tactics. 

If you ask her the secret to her unusually high success rate she'll share with you that she's just a nice person who puts in a lot of effort into being sure her clients understand their options and recognize that Lisa truly cares about them.


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